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The Last Book- end of a Journey

Well, it's over. All the wait, all the frenzied, anxious wonderings- it's all over now. The last word has been written and the quill has been put down, and if our favourite muggle-'witch of words' picks it up again, it won't be to depict another year in the extraordinary life of one bespectacled Harry James Potter. And so, how does it feel? Relief, that Harry Potter lives, or perhaps disappointment for those wise cynics who would have preferred an unhappy ending? Yeah, I have come across some disgusting spoilsports who reckon Harry should have died, and the reason one of them has given on Yahoo Answers is, and I am quoting-"...should have died because for some reason, Harry gets on my nerves." Well, I think if the hero of a book gets on anybody's nerve, then he/she should put it down, read other things and spare us from their strange ideas of 'poetic injustice'. For my part, I feel a bit strange. I was older than eleven when I first discovere…