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Trumpet Calls

Okay, time for an important announcement. I am now officially an Ether Book Author- that is to say- one of my stories is now available on the Ether Mobile App. It’s called ‘The Visitor’. The story deals with a famous crime-thriller writer who's taking a vacation to finish her next novel in peace, but the plan is interrupted when she receives an unexpected visitor. A visitor who has read all her books, and has taken them a tad too seriously!
As for Ether Books- Ether Books is a new and innovative publisher, providing short fiction, poetry & serials from both bestselling & emerging contemporary writers direct to your mobile phone. With the Ether app on your i-phone or i-pad you can always carry a good read in your pocket. Isn’t that convenient.
Needless to say, I’m quite delighted to be associated with them and in fact I have been waiting for this with equal amounts of anxiety and eagerness- so this comes
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