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The Last Book- end of a Journey

Well, it's over. All the wait, all the frenzied, anxious wonderings- it's all over now. The last word has been written and the quill has been put down, and if our favourite muggle-'witch of words' picks it up again, it won't be to depict another year in the extraordinary life of one bespectacled Harry James Potter. And so, how does it feel? Relief, that Harry Potter lives, or perhaps disappointment for those wise cynics who would have preferred an unhappy ending? Yeah, I have come across some disgusting spoilsports who reckon Harry should have died, and the reason one of them has given on Yahoo Answers is, and I am quoting-"...should have died because for some reason, Harry gets on my nerves." Well, I think if the hero of a book gets on anybody's nerve, then he/she should put it down, read other things and spare us from their strange ideas of 'poetic injustice'. For my part, I feel a bit strange. I was older than eleven when I first discovere…

A month to my birthday, a few days to my exams!

Well, it's the 4th of June today- wasn't it this day a few years back that the Prisoner of Azkaban was released? Well, that special feeling that can accompany only the anticipation for a Harry Potter book or a movie is in the air again, and this time, it's a double treat for us in store. Nevertheless, I am much more eager for the 7th book but that comes later and then I am planning to go for the movie with my friends from school, so that is also an equally pleasurable wait. At any other time, I would normally mark down the pages in my personal diary to countdown the dates of the movie and book release, much the same way as Harry ticks of the dates on his calendar to count down the days till the 1st of September, but this time, with the exams starting on the 20th of June, I felt a little guilty doing that. But anyway, I have the mugglenet countdown-clock on my website.It is 4th June, exactly a month away from my birthday. Sadly, my exams won't be over by then, but when …

I am leading a cursed (net) life!

Well, will you believe my luck? Just a few days back my CPU was malfunctioning, then my broadband telelphone line went wrong, and now its the turn of my UPS. I am disconnected again. My friend Abhinav feels that that the "exile thing" is in love with me, but I think someone seriously has cursed my internet life. May be the deatheaters got wind of what I have bveen doing to them in my fanfics! Meanwhile, I had a layout change- pink is not my favourite colour, but I think it looks cute. Besides, my site can't forever look blue. That would be so boring. You should visit my site and tell me what you feel. You can already see the new banner. It has been made by my friend Kate. You can find her site "Desires" from the affiliates page of my site. By the way, I fianlly finished Journey to the Battlefront, isn't that great? Computers do work without UPS, but I don't want to risk t in case of powercuts. My father says he will change the batteries when he has tim…

My story is almost over!

It's hard to believe, I am really ending Journey to the Battlefront! It will be strange not having to rack my brains for ideas. And meanwhile, if anyone wants to read the new chapter, here's the link:

On a sudden and typically-me-like random note, I want to share something I came across while shifting through my study notes with you. This is from Henry Myers' book - Tragedy: A View of Life: "The hero does not die for love, or for power, or for success, or for revenge; he dies for Juliet, or for Desdemona; he dies to be Duncan's successor, or for 'infinite riches in a little room'; he dies to climb the tower he has built."
What do you think? Interesting, no? Would you like to comment?

Nothing Happening

It's alternatively scorching hot and windy wet here at Kolkata. It is usually very cool after sunset, especially when the clouds darken and there are rainy winds blowing from the South, which is why I love my evening walks on the roof. But the days are unbearably hot, especially on Wednesdays when I go to college and need to walk some distance in the sun while returning home(around 1-2pm) and on Sundays when I have my music class for which I need to leave home at 12pm, yeah, right under the midday sun's scorching glare.All this heat is taking a toll on my sleeping habits- my brain feels so dull after I return from these 'moments under the sun' that I can't help taking a nap...which means I can't sleep early at night. And I used to be the "early to bed" type! You might be wandering why I am going to college only once a week. Well you see, our classes are officially over and even the extra classes have long ceased. A few of us devoted lot make the weekl…