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That Whining Voice-Dealing with the Inner Critic

Oh my God, I completely forgot about 2nd Tuesday this time. And missed the submission deadline. Brilliant. I'm still posting this because I wrote it and no point not posting, right?
Okay, on to the topic under discussion- Dealing with the Inner Critic, is that it?
I’m not sure I can say much on this- seeing that I’m myself not exactly an efficient arbitrator between my writing self and the skeptical, pessimistic, unhappy creature who keeps whispering things like “this plot is lousy” and “this is no good” and “why are you even writing?” She is there as I struggle to find an opening sentence to a piece of work; she is there as I get stuck midway and again when I read a first draft for the first time. How many times have I typed a sentence only for that voice to dismiss it as lame and pathetic? And I don’t know of twelve and a half ways to deal with it, all I do know is I must keep writing ignoring that voice till I can reach the end. It isn’t easy, I fail at it more than I would like,…