The Surprise Santa

“Lend you my batmobile? You gotta be kidding, right?” The Batman exclaimed, glaring at me with equal amounts of outrage and disbelief.
“You’re taking the batcopter, so you can spare-”
“Do you even know how to hold a steering wheel?”
“Don’t think there are any flipper compatible ones, Bruce,” the CatWoman sniggered, “I dare say even Wayne Industries is yet to come up with one.”
I ignored the collective jibes that followed and tried to plead once more.
“I can peck at the button controls. Look, how else am I going to deliver gifts in time to so many people?”
How does Santa do it every year, anyway? Note to Self: Find out working up plans from reindeers. Must find one first though, opposite poles!
“I don’t care,” Batman replied, “You’re not going anywhere near any of my cars.”
This is so damn selfish! He’s supposed to help people. Well, perhaps he doesn’t consider me to be people enough.:(
“Then let me come with you,” I said, “I’ll help you rescue Santa and someone else amongst you can deliver the gifts.”
You, come with us? You can’t even fly! What use are you going to be? That’s no business for you. And anyway, I hear the gang includes ol’ Lex Luther- that will need my help. No time to play postman.” Said Superman.
“Can’t you help me?” I asked the He-Man.
“How dare you? I’m Master of the Universe! I save the world!” He turned to the crowd- “Who named this useless creature a superhero anyway?”
“Some crackpot blogger,” said Batman, “and as for me, I would be more proper as a Halloween guest. Bats and Christmas hardly go together.”
“What if I accidentally go angry and green and hulky and get stuck inside the chimney?”
“I can’t ruin people’s misled-toes and silver bells with my slimy spider-webs, that’s unfair.”
“The electromagnetic pulse of my iron suit might hamper Christmas lighting and music. Highly undesirable at this time of the year.”
“None of the alien forms are particularly adept at courier services, or I would lend you my omnitrix.”
“I’m not going down a sooty chimney, it’s not a woman’s job.”
“You know what?” Said Superman- “We might be able to bring back Santa in time for Christmas. Wish us luck!”

I watched them take off- one after the other-setting off to rescue Santa from the kidnappers. I kept gazing skywards long after they had vanished. Seriously, why couldn’t I fly? Then I remembered the gifts. I glanced down at the large sack lying on the snow. A bag full of toys, dolls, books, sweets. A bag full of a million hopes. What on earth was I going to do? I couldn’t even lift this up! Then it came to me- the plan that had worked before. I started dancing.
Tap tap tap tap tap. Dance your wishes true. Love and hope, go tap tip tope. I love to dance, I do! Tap tap tap tap tap tap.
A small crowd gathered. Then they told (might have called, tweeted, retweeted-how would I know?) others about it. A bigger crowd gathered. I showed them the sack. The rest was not my business.
The great superheroes managed to rescue Santa Claus, but by that time, Christmas was over and everybody had got their gifts. And I went back to Gloria.
And while the world celebrated the superheroes, only one crackpot blogger remembered to mention how Mumbo Happy Feet danced to save Christmas from a near disaster.

Who brought your gift?
‘Twas Happy Feet!
He couldn’t fly,
He was rather shy
To fight villains tall.
But he cared for all
And couldn’t let your Christmas ruin-
So he danced, the sweet Penguin
And ensured that you got your gift
Thanks, Happy Feet.

©Ruchira Mandal
The Write Anything prompt for this week was: "Santa Claus has been kidnapped only hours before he is set to start his Christmas deliveries. Whilst the other superheros rescue and punish the offenders, it is up to one Superhero to undertake Santas role this Christmas. Who will it be? How will they go?"
I had fun writing this. Hope you had as much fun reading.


  1. I loved the idea of the superheroes sitting around, coming up with ways to dodge the job. Great fun!

  2. LOL very clever! And proof yet again that the underdog can get the job done... thanks for sharing!

  3. I knew the Justice League was a bunch of bickering prima donnas. :)

    And Happy Feet saves the day! And I'm glad they saved Santa after all. Great fun, this story.

  4. Yay! Penguins! I've always said lycra was overrated. ;)

  5. Brilliant. Like a very British committee of super-heroes debating who can and can't do what. :o)

  6. Really? British Committee? Considering I am an Indian, that must be an achievement. Thanks everybody for your lovely comments.:)

  7. Haha, very cute. Welcome to the #fridayflash community! I'll enjoy imagining Santa Claus tossing presents out of the Batmobile for the rest of the morning.

  8. This is such a lovely, sweet story! And those heroes should be ashamed of themselves for not helping out.


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