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Thank You MiM

PLEASE NOTE: This blog-post has got nothing to do with my writings, so I would like to request those who are here for my Friday Flash and 2nd Tuesday posts to please check the other posts. Thank you.

I'm making a break from my usual blog subjects in order to express my feelings about something that has been part of life in a big way the last few months- the Magic is Might roleplay organized by the Wizarding Life website that made me...made all of us relive the magic of Harry Potter once again.
So alright - I haven't been the most prolific of the MiMers. I haven't been able to stay up when the action happened (3 in the morning for me) and I almost always ended up at a Hogwarts party after it was over. In all these months, I haven't been able to attend a single DA meeting, nor have I ever submitted homework on Muggle Studies or any other subjects.
Nevertheless, MiM has been a big part of my life. It was in fact, like a routine, a habit...going to bed at night wondering if …