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Sound alarms!

This is getting old. I begin  a post with profuse apologies for not posting more often, then I go off again. It's like an endless loop. Meanwhile crazy guys leave their crazy preachy rants under my comments section.
Anyway, here's what happened while I was fooling around in my online invisibility cloak. I got transferred, changed workplace, got a new syllabus to deal with, went through my first lot of university exam answer-scripts- honestly, I would take a few hundred dementors instead! And I'm still reading 'Dance, Dance, Dance' and also reading 'Magic Mountain' and my laptop and phone went for repairs and it was crazy.
And now I'm posting another pointless blog article and I have no effing idea why except perhaps I enjoy typing aimless words. Perhaps I need a new plan of action. Have a faint idea, let's see how that works out.