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More about '50 Stories for Pakistan'

Like I said, it is being published by Big Bad Media, specifically by Greg Mcqueen, &it has 50 stories by various writers including myself. Sales proceeds go to Red Cross. Buy the book, & make a difference.

A Fluttering by Robert J. McCarter
A Little Bit of Heaven by Joanne Fox
A Little Help? by Erik Svehaug
All Bound for Morningtown by Susan Lanigan
All The World's a Stage by Anne Mullane
Angel by Lisa Ricard Claro
Astral Footfalls by R.J. Newlyn
Cherry In The Summer by Martin Webster
Desert Culture by Jonathan Pinnock
Detention by Trevor Belshaw
Evelyn Walsh and The Miraculous Wig Club by Julia Bohanna
Getting Wood by Iain Pattison
Grandma by Laura Eno
I Don't Even Have a Name by Dave Clark
Just Like Her Father by Pam Howes
Ladder to God by Alun Williams
Leather Tack and Tears by Annie Evett
Lines by Jennifer Stakes
Listen by Rebecca Emin
Lucy and the Tuit by Marjorie Tolchard
Morning Toast by Marit Meredith
Mr Harris Gets A Fright by Paul Malone
No Ball by Ewan Lawrie
Nobody Dies from Driz…

Fundraising for flood vctims, and a little personal jig dance for myself

So I finished my M.A Part2 exams way back in June & so for all practical purposes, I've nothing to do with my beloved university till the results come out I-don't-know-when.And I've read some books since then- Rushdie's Midnight's Children which was mesmerizing, then Shashi Tharoor's brilliant novel Riot (hey, I thought the guy only tweeted! Ignorant me!), then a non-fiction book by Amitabh Ghosh about Pokhran and nuclear weapons (well, when I bought the book from a railway station platform, I thought I was buying fiction... but anyway, Ghosh is still good, even though he totally flummoxed & disappointed me with the ending of Calcutta Chromosome) & then a Bengali translation (by Rajsekhar Basu) of the Mahabharata- which left me clueless about the roles of fate and free will in the epic, and then, guess what I ended up reading next? The vegetarian vampires cometh, netizens- yess, I've finally read Twilight. Bella - you're the most disgusting,…