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Rebuilding Memories

Archaeologists say that the city of Mohenjodara was destroyed by flood & then rebuilt on the ruins for about seven times. What eventually destroyed that ancient civilization we do not know, but what was destroyed in the Indus Valley were not mere walls and garrisons and citadels and public baths. The earthquake, or the drying up of the river, or the invasions… or whatever it was- took with it lives, memories, untold stories- stories that experts are still trying to figure out from the undecipherable seals. The resilient, courageous people of Mohenjodara tried seven times- with each destruction something was lost, yet they strove to build up something new, till they faltered at the end.
Today when an earthquake strikes Haiti or when a cyclone ravages Bangladesh and the Eastern coast of India, when a Tsunami shakes Japan or a flood washes away the known contours of Pakistan, New Zealand or Queensland- humankind perhaps has better resources in its hand to pick up the broken pieces tha…
The Ether App is like a Magic Book – one little thing with an endless number of stories, poems, essays – whatever you want to read, whenever and wherever, provided you have your little Apple gadget with you. It’s your own personal library- the special thing being it is pocket-sized and therefore portable and a whole lot easier to handle. No dusting the shelves, no loose pages coming out, no having to remember putting in naphthalene balls, it’s completely fuss-free. This is not to suggest you do away with your old library but it will be fun to have a little library on the go, won’t it?
And you can easily have one. All you need to do is get an i-phone or i-pad touch, download the FREE Ether Mobile App, and then choose whatever you want to read. A part of the contents is free – and that includes some amazing work by writers both famous and new. The remaining part, which is again from both established and upcoming authors, comes at a price, but think about it- you would pay to buy a maga…