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Okay, so I have been passed on this writing meme by CatWoman Patti Larsen who has this fantastic story about a crow called Henry (just go check her blog, okay?) and here's a quote I stole from her blog:

"A meme is a self-propagating unit of thought spread from one host to another, an idea-gene, if you will. For bloggers, memes can provide insight into the personalities of other writers that you wouldn’t necessarily find in their writing."

Well, I don't know how much of an insight this will provide, but I'll try and express what writing means to me.

Writing is a journey towards an unknown destination. Sometimes the path is easy,with verdant meadows and wild flowers dotting the road; sometimes it is rough, steep, difficult. Sometimes you may walk with fellow travellers, exchanging ideas, experiences and advices. And sometimes you must slog it alone. There will be times when the excitement of the adventure will keep you going. You will run, and run faster, thrilled to find a hidden world taking shape and the pull of newer discoveries will pull you onward. And there will be times when the constant journeying will fatigue you. You will want to give up, to call it quits, to turn your back on the endless road. There will be wrong turns, there will be bad weather and obstacles and you'll have to overcome them all if you want to reach the end. And when you do, you'll find there's a new trip waiting for you to somewhere else.
Writing is an odyssey, just like life itself.
©Ruchira Mandal

And now to pass this on- I choose:
Rebecca Emin

Tony Noland

Rachel Carter


Lisa M Stull


  1. What a great post, Ruchiraa. Ha, I got memes coming at me from everywhere!..lol I should have my post up this weekend :)

  2. I love your last line, "life is an odyssey" I think it is karmic...I just confirmed to do a book signing at a store called Odyssey - just yesterday!

    Thanks for a great post, Ruchira,


  3. Thanks for the tag, Ruchira. I'll try to live up to it!

  4. @Lisa- Yes, I realized you had already been tagged by Eden after my own post was done.:P

    @Eden- That's an amazing co-incidence. Good luck with the book-signing.

    @Tony- I'm sure you'll more than live up to it. You'll 'liven' it up.

    Thank you all for the lovely comments.

  5. Fantastic, Ruchira--I knew you were a perfect choice for this! :)


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