I am leading a cursed (net) life!

Well, will you believe my luck? Just a few days back my CPU was malfunctioning, then my broadband telelphone line went wrong, and now its the turn of my UPS. I am disconnected again. My friend Abhinav feels that that the "exile thing" is in love with me, but I think someone seriously has cursed my internet life. May be the deatheaters got wind of what I have bveen doing to them in my fanfics! Meanwhile, I had a layout change- pink is not my favourite colour, but I think it looks cute. Besides, my site can't forever look blue. That would be so boring. You should visit my site and tell me what you feel. You can already see the new banner. It has been made by my friend Kate. You can find her site "Desires" from the affiliates page of my site. By the way, I fianlly finished Journey to the Battlefront, isn't that great? Computers do work without UPS, but I don't want to risk t in case of powercuts. My father says he will change the batteries when he has time. Till then- goodbye.


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