A month to my birthday, a few days to my exams!

Well, it's the 4th of June today- wasn't it this day a few years back that the Prisoner of Azkaban was released? Well, that special feeling that can accompany only the anticipation for a Harry Potter book or a movie is in the air again, and this time, it's a double treat for us in store. Nevertheless, I am much more eager for the 7th book but that comes later and then I am planning to go for the movie with my friends from school, so that is also an equally pleasurable wait. At any other time, I would normally mark down the pages in my personal diary to countdown the dates of the movie and book release, much the same way as Harry ticks of the dates on his calendar to count down the days till the 1st of September, but this time, with the exams starting on the 20th of June, I felt a little guilty doing that. But anyway, I have the mugglenet countdown-clock on my website.It is 4th June, exactly a month away from my birthday. Sadly, my exams won't be over by then, but when they finally do, I mean to have a gala time with my friends. I only hope Rowling won't spoil the fun by killing Harry or anyone good. I have wept a lot over Sirius and Dumbledore as it is. Enjoy the summer! And keep visiting!


  1. Hey ..

    I read your comments on my blog... thanx.
    As for Rowling killing any character.. I guess the axe has fallen on someone good, the best of her creations most probably.. or so I have heard!
    But u dont cry... keep writing such cute slice of life blogposts...


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