Disjointed Thoughts on New Year’s Eve

Disjointed Thoughts on New Year’s Eve

Time moves.

It runs.

It races.

It flies past.

Only I stand still waiting.

No crashing meteor comes.

Perhaps I too move a little,

Say a bus stop or two.

Why do I care anyway?

Insignificant creature that I am,

Why should I care which face of this planet

Faces the sun’s same face again?

And people sing and dance,

The same moves, the same steps,

Same words, the same old tired smiles-

Cell-phones all over the world

Trying and failing to connect.

And tomorrow the sun will rise again!

I wonder sometimes:

Does even the sun care?


Our dear old girl is once more done

Her yearly tour around the sun.

Falling stars did fall too close

But the old girl still safely goes

In the same old beaten path.

To drink her health we meet tonight.

We sing, we dance, we turn off light

And cheer her for a future bright.

And when the party ends at dawn,

We’ll return home and carry on

In the same old beaten path.


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