Terror and Politics

There was a hospital here, gentlemen. Two hundred beds, eight doctors, twenty nurses. Each single one and all the patients were killed. That’s what an atomic bomb does.” - Professor Tsusuki, a leading surgeon in Japanese surgeon while showing Hiroshima to a team of the Red Cross. “The supreme value of human life and human blood has been forgotten, and human dignity too.” – General MacAruthur, Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in the 2nd World War. Quoted from The First Atom Bomb by Marcel Junod. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can’t really trust any notions of behaviour these days. No civil or even humane norms, no responsibility or feeling of duty, no nothing. If terrorists bombing a hospital wasn’t enough- (a boy who went there to learn cycling from his father, a hospital staff, has lost his legs and his fighting for his life, while his dad is missing. And there were other patients too,) our political leaders now have decided to make an exhibition of their respective follies and their shameless zeal to exploit every situation to advance their narrow vote bank policies. Our Opposition accuses the Central government of masterminding the serial blasts in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, which in turn has lost no time to retort with a counter accusation. One would expect them to be united in times like this, but they are all honorable men- what else can we say? The television channels of course are running top gear with breaking news about LOC intrusions and blast victims, but tomorrow, this will all be forgotten with the onslaught of more breaking news about twinkling television stars’ reality punch and the party schedules of some celebrity cricketer. Everything is breaking news these days, and fitting too, for this isn’t a world of healing or growth or renewal. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fire Behold the gift of Prometheus That had promised to bring us Light and knowledge, the warmth of life. But scorching flames of darkness Engulf us in the agony of death. And all that man hath built Through centuries of labour and study- All statues and monuments and cherished memories, All cities of the world are torn Apart till Tartarus is revealed. Knowledge today is destruction And million Chirons are sacrificed everyday. Behold that flame whose blazing trail Has put the preying vulture to shame. Too many hearts bleed today, Too many bodies lacerated daily. One wonders if even the mighty Hercules could save us from this hell. N.B:Stay safe, and look out for mysterious packages and people. Take care all.


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