I look back...

In anger at all the terror strikes India suffered this year, especially the one in November.At Singur and Nandigram.I look back in anger at all the deaths of average Indians like you and me who fell to politicians and their clout, their greed, their egotism in all parts of the country, from cities to villages. I look back in anger at the communal hatreds fanned by opportunists for their own evil profits. I look back in anger at the smoking ban so brazenly being flouted everywhere and nothing being done about it. I look back in anger at the sheer mismanaged and ill-spent "Maradona dhamaka".

On a more personal note, I look back in anger at the unfinished Metro expansion. Another year of promise gone, and I am still having to resort to a 3-break journey everyday. And I look back in anger and increasing frustration at a lot of my CU hours. I look back in anger at the cars, buses, tempos, lorries that honked their way this year through Kolutollah Street and promise to do the same next year, and the next year, despite it being situated between a hospital and an educational institution.
There are other feelings too:
I look back with terrible longing to my last months in college. I look back with nostalgia to all the get-together and movie-outings and mall-hopping I did last year with friends and family.

A Happy New Year to all of You.


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