'Shambelurkling and Other Stories' now available on Lulu

'Shambelurkling and Other Stories' is an anthology of short stories and poems for children between 8 and 12 years of age, which has been compiled and edited by the lovely Marit Meredith (The Pages Magazine).

The book is now for sale via Lulu.com as a paperback or download. Whichever format you chose, the National Autism Society will receive £1.06 per copy sold.

And oh the most important part: It has got my poem - 'The Land of Dreams: A Fairy Rhyme' and also my story- 'The Missing Key.'

It has got also got contributions from Rebecca Emin, Rachel Carter,Emma Kerry, Mandy K James, Cindy Schuerr,Trevor Belshaw, Jonathan Pinnock, Sharon Birch, Maureen Vincent-Northam and many others. I'm dying to read it all (*checks letter-box and sighs sadly*)

You can buy the paperback version, or download the ebook version. For each copy sold, the National Autism Society will receive £1.06. A good book, and a good cause. Merry Christmas in advance.:)

P.S: The book will later be available on amazon with an ISBN, and a slightly higher price.;)That will be next year, I guess, for now, here we go:

Here's the list of writers- in no particular order:

Marit Meredith
Mandy K. James
Maureen Vinvent-Northam
Rosa Johnson
Rebecca Emin
Ruchira Mandal
Mark O'Brien
Jonathan Pinnock
Marilyn Sylvester
Ben Sherman
Rachel Carter
Trevor Belshaw
Cynthia Schuerr
Christine Lesley Nedahl
Myra King
June Gundlack
Emma Kerry


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