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50 Stories for Pakistan by 50 writers

Produced by Big Bad Media
Look at the image on the cover of this book.(it's right there on the side bar)
A man and a boy knee-deep in water. Father and son? Uncle and nephew? Teacher and pupil? Or perhaps just a kid, lost, tagging on to an adult in the hope that he will be taken somewhere safe, dry?
They are wading away from the light into the darkness and gloom. The unknown. Fear. Hunger. Disease. But they are also wading towards you. They can’t ask for your help. You must choose to give it.
A simple way of doing that is to buy this book. Proceeds go to helping the victims of the Pakistan floods.
Available from the Blurb bookstore:

Shambelurkling and Other Stories is an anthology of children’s stories and poems from writers far and wide, with all profits going to National Autistic Society Early Learning Plus Programme. £3.99 (£1.06 per copy to the charity).
Available from

100 Stories for Haiti is a collection of short stories published to raise money for relief efforts in disaster-stricken Haiti. All proceeds go to the Red Cross.
100 Stories for Haiti was published on March, 4th, 2010, as an ebook on, and as a paperback available online and in shops. Watch the project's website for more details:

Also- you could vote for my short story here:


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