Thank You MiM

PLEASE NOTE: This blog-post has got nothing to do with my writings, so I would like to request those who are here for my Friday Flash and 2nd Tuesday posts to please check the other posts. Thank you.

I'm making a break from my usual blog subjects in order to express my feelings about something that has been part of life in a big way the last few months- the Magic is Might roleplay organized by the Wizarding Life website that made me...made all of us relive the magic of Harry Potter once again.
So alright - I haven't been the most prolific of the MiMers. I haven't been able to stay up when the action happened (3 in the morning for me) and I almost always ended up at a Hogwarts party after it was over. In all these months, I haven't been able to attend a single DA meeting, nor have I ever submitted homework on Muggle Studies or any other subjects.
Nevertheless, MiM has been a big part of my life. It was in fact, like a routine, a habit...going to bed at night wondering if some official roleplayer I had been talking to would reply to my post, waking up in the morning thinking about getting on facebook as soon as I could... MiM allowed me to do all those things that Rowling's books- amazing and wonderful and magical as they were- didn't. It allowed me to talk to Tonks and Lupin and to root for them during their epic exchanges with Voldemort (yes, I said the name. Well, he's dead so the taboo can't be still working)or Greyback, it gave me a chance to insult utter douchecanoes (sorry, roleplayers :P) like Umbridge and Pansy Parkinson to meet all those characters who had sort of remained in the periphery in the books (the books being written from Harry's PoV)like Neville and Michael and Ernie and Hannah and Parvati and Lavender and the shillelagh-wielding Seamus and of course, Astoria Greengrass who wasn't in the books at all. I think the latter turned out exactly the way I had imagined Astoria to be, and I'll have a hard time adjusting if Rowling now makes her a rather different person. And speaking of things MiM told us that the books didn't about the characters, whoever thought Voldemort liked manicures and pedicures?:D And of course, it was great bothering Percy Weasley and try to keep up with Gred and Forge's pranks and talk with the ever-so-wonderful Weasley family.
Oh by the way, thank you Madam Pomfrey for patching us all up and for letting us help in the Hospital Wing. Thanks to Prof.s McGonagall, Flitwick, Sprout,Firenze, Hagrid, Trelawney and Slughorn for being by the side of the Rebellion, thanks to the Carrows for handing out those detentions, thanks to our dear departed Headmaster and his International Federation of Fangirls for being extremely entertaining, thanks to every official MiM-er for working so hard-for living on facebook through these months and make it all happen for us.
Thanks also to the person, or persons who came up with the mad, bad stories at the MiM website. They were so outrageous I hardly knew whether I was supposed to laugh or whether I was supposed to strangle whoever came up with them in-character. And also, there were a few people who regularly commented over there- Athena Kemsley, Gates, Ike Dawn are some names that come to mind, but all of you were equally good. I would ahve liked your pages if I had seen you on facebook but I didn't.
As for the unofficials- especially the really devoted ones who always (unlike me :shifty look:)attended every meeting in time- you were the ones who made this experience as huge as it turned it out to be. The official MiMers gave us a chance to live in the wizarding world, but you guys- with your own back stories, your own stories of love and heartbreak, of friendship and betrayals- you made this world real and concrete by filling it in. So Liv, Stephanie, Piper, Arielle, Michelle, Kemsley, Leona, John Holmes, Chelsea, Leslie (Merlin I don't even know how many of you to name, and how many of you aren't the same person!!!)!
I bow in respect to all those of you who managed multiple pages. I mean, SIRIUSLY!!!
All of you were amazing, brilliant and you made my life magical! Thank you.

©Ruchira Mandal


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