An Ether Author's WishList

I know, I know, it’s not Christmas yet it’s Halloween. I’m just impatient like that. So here goes my wish list in my capacity as an Ether Author (and other Ether authors are welcome to add their own suggestions).
For those who don’t know what an ‘Ether Author’ is (seriously, where have you been?) the term basically refers to a human individual who has a story/poem/essay etc. published as a free or paid (with a minimum)as a on the Ether App which is like your very own personalized pocket library available as a FREE download on your Apple gadgets. And if you want to hear it from the horse’s mouth:

Ether Books is a new and innovative mobile publisher, providing the very best short content direct to your mobile phone. We publish short fiction, articles, poetry and serials from both bestselling and emerging contemporary writers.
To enjoy your own personal library of ‘byte sized reads’ right now, go to the Apple App store to download our FREE application.
If you are a writer, you can submit your work directly to us through our online submission page. You can submit your work to us free or through our fast-track Silver Membership for only £25. Click here to find out more.

So now that we have settled that, can we finally start on my list? Thank you.
1. I know they’ve only just given us a content section, but as I am ever-greedy, I wish there was a separate page for each author with separate links we could tweet and put up in our blogs. Right now, if I click on the catalogue tab, it takes me to the feedback page, and then I have to keep hitting the ‘R’ button in the dropdown menu for writers, sort through a couple of Richards, three or four Rachels, several Rebeccas (no offence to you guys, by the way) and a Roy and a Ramola and a Rowena before it comes to my name which is 14th on the list of names beginning with ‘R’. So a separate author’s page with a list of stories with their summaries and genres, an option to download and a form to submit feedback would be kinda nice. And may be, if you don’t think it’s overkill, some of the feedback could show up too (not that I have any to flaunt, but still…)! Now to my 2nd wish…
2. This one is long overdue. It would be great to have the Ether App available on other gadgets, because with all respects to Steve Jobes) and may his soul rest in peace), not the whole world uses Apple, and that seriously limits our readership. So in the future I hope to see the Ether App on BBs & other smartphones, on PCs and laptops so that EVERYBODY can read our stories.
3. One gets three wishes, right? Well, what else does a writer want, except more readers? Please read my stories, people, I have three of them on Ether - & one of them is a free read (for a complete list, look under the ‘Read Me on the Go’ section on the right hand side of this page.) & send me your feedbacks.

Happy Reading, & Happy NaNoWriMo to those who are doing it this year.
©Ruchira Mandal


  1. My first wish would be that some fabulous forward-thinking investor(s) will see fit to invest in Ether Books.

    My second, that the commitment and dedication that the founders of this company have ploughed into it, and the efforts made by the writers to submit good content will result in success for all concerned.

    My final wish would be that my stories don't get too many bad ratings once that functionality is released.

  2. You have very modest Christmas wishes--and I share them all. :)

    Happy writing, fellow Ether writer. I hope you write lots of new stories next year AND that you have lots of new readers.


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